The Eleventh International Forum

19 – 22 April 2010

EXPOCENTR, the Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow

Ministry of Industry and trade of the,
Government of Moscow,
Institute for Economics and Complex Communication Problems (JSC “ECOS”),
Russian High-Tech Development Fund,
Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Invite you to take part in the Eleventh International Forum

“High Technologies of XXI”

19-22 April 2010, EXPOCENTR, the Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow

The Forum has been initiated by the Government of Moscow and supported by the Government of the Russian Federation . Federal and regional executive and legislative power entities, the Russian Academy of Sciences take part in the preparing of the Forum.

The Objectives of the Forum

- Consolidation of the intellectual and industrial potentials of Moscow and Russia to strengthen the position of Russian producers

- Provision of assistance to companies and organizations in the promoting of science-intensive products and technologies in the home and global markets

- Development and enhancement of inter-regional and international links between high-tech companies and organizations

- Building up the image of Moscow as that of a high-tech center

- Attraction of investments for implementation of efficient projects

- Development of production spheres in Russia

- Application of the innovation potential of the high-tech complex for the solution of the problems of sustainable development (environmental protection, energy and resources saving, personal and social safety, health protection, provision of megapolises’ vital functions, etc.)


To attend the International Conference and to register as a delegate of the Forum, please send the Registration form by fax or by e-mail at the address of the Russian High-Tech Development Fund or, directly, the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry that acts as host to foreign delegates:

Registration form

Company Name_________________________
Main Business Activity___________________
Key interest at the Forum_________________

For more details about the International Conference and the Forum, please contact:

The Organizer of the International Conference:

The Russian High-Tech Development Fund

Build.9 No.25, Preobrazhenskiy Val, 107061 Moscow, Russia

Phone/Fax: (495) 963-32-09 (Rus.)



The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

Build.1, No.38, Sharikopodshipnikovskaya St., 115088 Moskow, Russia
Phone/Fax: 8-499-132-07-33, 8-499-132-07-64


Terms of participation

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