The Russian High-Tech Development Fund was established in February 1997 on the initiative of major Russian industrial companies, R&D institutes, design bureaus, educational institutions and financial structures.

Since 1997, over 50 high-tech companies have joined the RHTDF.

Some of the RHTDF members are:

-       State scientific center The State R&D Institute for Aviation Systems
-       State unitary company The M.V.Keldysh Research Center
-       S.P.Korolev Energia Rocket & Space Company
-       M.V.Khrunichev State Space Scientific & Production Center
-       PJSC "The National Institute for Aviation Technologies
-       State Radio R&D Institute
-       Central R&D Radio-Technical Institute
-       Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
-       Russian scientific center "The Kurchatov Institute
-       M.M.Shemyakin and Yu.A.Ovchinnikov Institute for Bio-Organic Chemistry of the RAS
-       R&D Institute for Transplantology and Artificial Organs of the Ministry of Health of the RF
-       JSC The Tulamashzavod
-       Industrial complex The Siberian Chemical Kombinat

The FUND is a non-profit organization. Its strategic objective is to promote Russian high-tech companies in the domestic and foreign markets. To implement this, the FUND identifies the following major initiatives:

-         Represent the interests of Russian defense industrial companies in the RF power bodies;
-         Contribute to the improvement of science-intensive production capabilities in Russia;
-         Improve international cooperation in scientific and technological areas;
-         Encourage the Russian high-tech complex in its consolidating efforts;
-         Provide a set of initiatives for working out and implementing perspective industrial and scientific policy.

The FUND in its activities sustains relationships with the State Duma of the Russian Federation (the Parliament), federal ministries and agencies (the Russian Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS) in particular), the Government of Moscow and regional governments.

The Fund initiates and organizes a series of conferences focusing on basic problems of Russian high-tech industry's development. In February 2002, the conference: High-Tech Industries: Russia's Strategy of Accession to the WTO was organized by the RFRVT jointly with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The issues of major projects implementation, development of international strategic links and tightening connections between Russian regions is in the focus of the RHTDF.

Since summer 2004, the RHTDF has become a participant of the world-known MAKS international air show in Zhukovski near Moscow. On August 15, 2004, the seminar: Miniaturization problems in air&space technology was held by the RHTDF jointly with the MAKS management at the MAKS air show. The RHTDF will prepare the Conference to be organized within the frames of the MAKS program.

The Russian High-Tech Development Fund has been one of the organizers of the International Forum "High Technologies in Defense Industry", now renamed in High Technology of the XXI Century, and is in charge of the issues relating to International Conference and Presentation of Investment Projects - the key events of the Forum.

The RHTDF is open for any proposal coming from a company or organization interested in the development of high-tech production and cooperation.


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